The creation of ALIVe

 In 2014, I had an opportunity to make a lifestyle change - a move to MeIbourne  Victoria and a rekindled of my passion in photography.

Since my travels to Namibia in July 2015 - I am hooked on photography. I love landscapes and city life. I have been lucky enough to take some wonderful images of Bubs and Young ones and natural lifestyles portraits.

The title 'ALIVE' is translated into ' Adorjan's Life Images Virtual Exploration'. This is a summary of my current journey of viewing the world through the lens.

This site is continually changing with new images added into the galleries and will add some News in the near future.

In case you are interested, my images are for sale and I am available to do any photoshoots - so see my Contact details and complete the form and I will respond quick

So enjoy my images!